Hey folks! Welcome to my page, X-Communicated: A Step-By-Misstep Guide to Going from Bad to Worse. It’s supposed to be a fun-times thing, but it won’t always be. You’ll find the occasional review of the occasional thing, some short stories, some really short stories, maybe some news commentary, a guest piece from one of my talented friends or one of a bunch of things I haven’t even discovered yet.

I do promise bullshit, but I won’t lie to you. That’s the best I can offer. I hope it’s enough, and I hope you enjoy what you see here. Thanks!

All the Love,


P.S. – If you have anything you’d like me to review–books, magazines, manifestos, movies, music, candid nudes, energy drinks, male underwear (fresh or used), female underwear (see “male underwear”), gadgets, gizmos, Gizmo, widgets, Gidget, obscure sodas from around the globe or just about anything else, e-mail me at xtopherjacques@gmail.com or get in touch with me on Facebook. The offer doesn’t automatically dictate that I’ll give you a positive review for your work, but I won’t lie to either you or my readers.

Thanks again, stay scared and keep on reading!

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