A Part Apart

I feel like I never graduated high school. I screwed around throughout my high school tenure and ended up 1/2 a credit short in Algebra II, which I had to knock off in summer school, and then there was to be a summer school graduation ceremony for we future leaders of America. No, thank you; I had an appointment in New Hampshire for falling flat on my face in love, and you don’t show up late for those. No matter how much you wish you had, somehow you will never show up late for those.

I don't remember this at all.
I don’t remember this at all.

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Good Product, Progressively Worse Review: Belrose Vodka

Disclaimer: this review regards alcohol in a boxed variety. If either alcohol or alcohol in a box offends you, 1) let’s not meet often and 2) you might want to skip this product review. Everything else about this product review should be completely normal and acceptable to audiences of all ages.

Belrose Vodka, possibly purchased circa 2012 via a clandestine bootlegging operation (not really, feds). Axe, courtesy of XtopherJacques Personal Collection, forged by demons c.1764. Spine/pelvic region, faux, furnished by ElliEj Productions.

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